Prepare for your Portrait Shoot

To prepare for a portrait session, you should do a number of things.

First, make sure you look as clean and healthy as possible. For women, makeup is often best used when subtle and natural. Consult a makeup artist if in doubt, and you’ll probably get some good tips for the future as well.

For guys, makeup is often not seen as an option. But you can still shave (or make sure your scruffiness is exactly to your liking), wash, and keep your teeth clean.

When choosing clothing, avoid bright whites. This boy is wearing a light shirt, but it’s not white, which is a good thing.

If the photo is for a special occasion like the one above, make sure you are dressed exactly as you wish to be seen.

Come prepared to have fun and relax.

I work hard at helping you relax and feel comfortable so you can be who you are in a fun, memorable way.


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