I’m David Sidwell, though most folks call me “dr. Dave.” I’m a photographer, theatre director and theatre professor at Utah State University. From these perspectives, I have the technical know-how to take great photos, as the artistic sensibility to make you look amazing.

For you actors: I know what directors want and how directors perceive headshot photos, and I teach my students the things they need to know to succeed at auditions.

As a photographer, I have won many prizes over the years, and I enjoy the process of being warm and friendly with those whom I shoot. In addition to headshots, I shoot a lot of senior portraits, family portraits and weddings (which I love!). I love nature photography, too, and I’ve shot a lot of food and products over the years, too. Because of my theatre background, however, I have a special affinity to headshots and know how to make them as memorable as possible.

As a theatre director, I have directed many shows. I specialize in smaller, intimate productions, including narrative/storytelling theatre and straight dramas. However, I love to get my hands on a big musical once in a while, too. I’m also a professional storyteller, and I’ve done solo narrative performances all over the U.S.

Put my diverse background and unique perspective to work for you!


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